Department of Humanities & Basic Sciences

Indian Institute of Information Technology Senapati, Manipur

The department of Humanities and Social Sciences is an integral part of the institute. It provides general knowledge, intellectual skills beyond occupational or professional skills and the relationships of individual within the society. The general intention of the department is to nurture the thinking process of the students. The department strives to provide enquiry based education to students.

The department of Science & Mathematics offers the fundamental as well as advanced course on Mathematics and Physics for B.Tech. Programmes both in Computer Science and Engineering and Electronics and Communication Engineering disciplines. The department presently carrying out research and development works in Applied Mathematics viz., Fluid Dynamics; and experimental condensed matter Physics viz. Spintronic materials.

Dr. Leihaorambam Sarbajit Singh



IIIT Senapati, Manipur
City-Campus, Mantripukhri
Imphal, Manipur, India - 795002