Awareness programme on Cyber Threat and Prevention

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Information Technology Manipur
Date: 07 - 08 May, 2018
Time: 09 AM - 05 PM

Indian Institute of Information Technology Manipur organized an awareness programme on Cyber Threat and Prevention under Capacity Building Scheme of Department of Information Technology, Govt. of Manipur for students, private and public sector employees from 07-08 May, 2018, where a total number of 60 participants were participated. The participants were undergraduate students (2nd and 3rd year), staffs and faculty members from IIIT Manipur, faculty members and staffs from nearby colleges, and IT Professionals from national informatics center, and department of information technology, Govt. off Manipur. The event comprised of ‘invited talk’ and ‘hands-on’ sessions. M/S Gratia technology private limited was the knowledge partner for the programme, which was convened by Dr. Navanath Saharia, IIIT Manipur. Mr. Lakhyajyoti Bora, co-founder of M/S Gratia technology private limited, delivered the first lecture high-lighting the issues, one may face in the cyber world and how to get rid of such scenarios. The second half of the first day was hands on session, where the speaker, Mr. Bora introduced various types of cyber attacks and their preventive measures, audit and something about web pen testing. The second day first half was started with a presentation of IP based PBX system, IPPBX with GSM interface by Mr. Devendra Kumar and Mr. Amit Roy, Neron Informatics Pvt. Ltd., which included various types, architecture and security loop-holes and preventive measures, followed by demonstration in the second half.

Participant list

Subhankar Paul Student2nd SemIIIT Manipur
Anjaney ShrivastavaStudent, 2nd SemIIIT Manipur
Radhe Raman TiwariStudent, 2nd SemIIIT Manipur
Mohit AsudaniStudent, 2nd SemIIIT Manipur
Ankit TripathiStudent, 2nd SemIIIT Manipur
Naman SinghalStudent, 2nd SemIIIT Manipur
Subasit BorahAssistant ProfessorIIIT Manipur
Mohit GuptaStudent, 2nd SemIIIT Manipur
Pradyumn SethStudent, 2nd SemIIIT Manipur
Shashank VermaStudent, 2nd SemIIIT Manipur
Ayush Student, 2nd SemIIIT Manipur
Avaneesh RanadiveStudent, 2nd SemIIIT Manipur
Sahil GulatiStudent, 2nd SemIIIT Manipur
Gaurav Kumar RaghavStudent, 4th SemIIIT Manipur
Utkarsh AnandStudent, 6th SemIIIT Manipur
Chirag GoyalStudent, 4th SemIIIT Manipur
Akshay ShivamStudent, 4th SemIIIT Manipur
VivekStudent, 2nd SemIIIT Manipur
Suraj Pratap VaishyaStudent, 4th SemIIIT Manipur
Debina MaibamFacultyNEILIT
Sanjay Babu JaiswalStudent, 6th SemIIIT Manipur
Aditya RajStudent, 6th SemIIIT Manipur
Laipubam Phalkishwor SharmaComputer AssistantD.M. College
Yumnam Jucina DeviLecturerD.M. College
Devashish Kumar ChoudharyStudent, 2nd SemIIIT Manipur
Vivek Kumar SinghStudent, 6th SemIIIT Manipur
Sunil MirJunior Superintendent IIIT Manipur
Kishor Kumar DasAssistant ProfessorIIIT Manipur
Murli ManoharAssistant ProfessorIIIT Manipur
Sanjib ChoudhuryAssistant ProfessorIIIT Manipur
Aman Ranjan VermaStudent, 6th SemIIIT Manipur
Sanasam Premananda SinghStudent, 6th SemIIIT Manipur
Priyobarta KayenpaibamStudent, 4th SemIIIT Manipur
Mousam Kumar Baruah Student, 4th SemIIIT Manipur
Mirinso Shadang Student, 6th SemIIIT Manipur
Divyanshu Student, 4th SemIIIT Manipur
Telem Joyson Singh Student, 4th SemIIIT Manipur
Anand Yendrembam SANIC, Imphal
H. Jiten Singh PSA, NIC, Imphal
Kh. Rajen Singh SIO, NIC, Imphal
Yurembam Robertson Manipur SDC
Ngangom Ameet Manipur SDC
Kh. Playtoni DIT Manipur
N. Kejit DIT Manipur
Rajkumar Nareshkumar SinghJunior TechnicianIIIT Manipur
Amujao Yengkhom
Jeelen Kumar Sarungbam
Laishram Rebica Chanu
Ngangbam Herojit SinghTechnical Assistant